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AL ROUYA AL MOTAKAMELA LIFE GUARD SERVICES L.L.C is a professional life guard services and security company in UAE. We are committed to offer advanced and efficient security solutions that ensure a safer and better environment at your premises. As a professional provider of life guards and allied security services, we have the experience of serving local as well as international clients in Sharjah as well as across the United Arab Emirates.

At AL ROUYA AL MOTAKAMELA LIFE GUARD SERVICES L.L.C, we realize that lives depend on our services and that is why we take our services as seriously as they need to be taken. We are one of the select few companies to be certified by the Dubai Accreditation Council (DAC) and the Dubai Lifeguard Scheme Committee (LSC). Therefore, you can rest assured that our services meet the highest standards of quality.

Our team of professional lifeguards in UAE possess the knowledge and proficiency for safe lifeguarding of swimming pools, water-parks and beachfronts. When you get our professional lifeguard services in UAE, you get the following advantages:

1. Fewer drowning accidents, injuries and fatalities

2. Reduced chances of loss of life.

3. Reduced risk of property damage

4. Overall improved safety standards

So, if you don’t want to take any chance with safety and you want to get the services of a professional lifeguard in UAE, then contact us today.